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Your Guide To Quitting Smoking And Improving Your Health

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Smokeless Tobacco And Its Problems

Some people are of the mistaken belief that using smokeless tobacco will help them to stay healthier than if they were to smoke cigarettes.


Long Term Health Goals

One of the problems that many people encounter after they quit smoking is the fact that they believe they will never smoke again and this feeling gives them the security to feel comfortable to have the occasional puff.


Managing stress

A large percentage of people who smoke will do so in times of stress.
Some people will use cigarettes to help them manage their stress and most people will tend to smoke more cigarettes during times of stress.


Whats in a Cigarette

Most people are surprised when they first learn that there are over four thousand different chemicals in a cigarette.

Many of these chemicals have been directly linked to causing cancer.

Within the four major manufacturers of cigarettes there is considerable research to deliver a product that serves the purpose of tasting and smelling good to the consumer and more importantly having sufficient of the necessary ingredients to remain addictive.


Underlying Factors – Depression And Anxiety

Many people use the effects that nicotine can deliver to self medicate for depression and anxiety. It has been shown that the nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes can help to improve the mood of a person and also to lessen the effects of anxiety.


Understanding Nicotine

It is no wonder that smoking is such a difficult habit to break as nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs in the world.

It is in fact at least as addictive as such hard drugs as cocaine and heroin.

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What Has And Hasn’t Worked For You

If you have made several attempts to quit smoking in the past then this will help you the next time you try to quit. The fact that the previous attempts didn’t work shouldn’t be regarded as a failure.

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Marketing To Make You Smoke

The tobacco companies are masters of marketing.
They will target groups that they want to introduce to smoking by associating smoking with the things that those people will consider to be cool.